Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1953 China 10 Yuan in Monetarium auction

A very rare 1953 10 Yuan banknote of People's Bank of China is expected to bring SGD15,000 in Monetarium auction No. 15 on 26 March in Singapore. 1250 lots of coins, banknotes, jewelry, antique, old tea pot, jade, porcelain and stamps will be offered in the auction.

1953 10 Yuan

The 1953 10 Yuan note offered in the auction is in Fine grade with few folds can be seen. The banknote is estimate to sell for SGD10,000 – SGD15,000. The second series of RMB is quite inspiring as the format is significantly larger than the others of the 1953 series. Gray-black inks make up the basic design and "Farm Couple," vignette at center with red signature seals and serial numbers. Extended left end seen with protector and watermark. At the time of issue, the note represented around 1/3 the wage of a skilled technical worker, or around three months for a laborer. The economic turmoil during the next decades resulted in the mass redemption of these notes, thus accounting for its rarity today.

1000 Ringgit

Another highlight of the auction is a Malaysian 1st series 1000 Ringgit (Sa-Ribu), Malaysia highest denomination banknote. The particular note, prefix A/1 073569 is graded PMG 35 NET, Small Tear. The banknote is estimate to sell for SGD7,000 – SGD9,000.

The auction also offer a specimen for Singapore and Brunei highest denomination banknotes.

Lot 427: SINGAPORE Orchid Series: Specimen $10,000 HSS with seal.
Specimen $10,000 Orchid
SINGAPORE Orchid Series: Specimen $10,000 HSS with seal A/1 000000 (KNB9) in Acrylic block issued by BCCS. Very Rare.
Estimate: SGD30,000 – SGD40,000.

Lot 628: SINGAPORE Ship Series: Specimen $10,000
$10,000 Ship Series
SINGAPORE Ship Series: Specimen $10,000 HTT AA000000 Specimen No. 003 in Acrylic block. Very Rare.
Estimate: SGD15,000 – SGD20,000.

Lot 770: BRUNEI 3rd Series: Specimen $10,000
BRUNEI $10,000
BRUNEI 3rd Series: Specimen $10,000 1989 A/1 0000000 (KNB20) in Acrylic block. Rare.
SGD6,000 – SGD10,000

Other highlights:

Lot 49: MALAYSIA 50 Cents 1973 Parliament milled edge
50 Cents 1973
MALAYSIA Cu-Ni: 50-Cents 1973, milled edge (KN 7) AEF and scarce.
Estimate: SGD500 – SGD1,000

Lot 54: MALAYSIA White metal $1 1989 unlisted
1 ringgit silver
MALAYSIA White metal $1 1989 unlisted, regular $1 issue is of Cu-Ni. (similar to KN 14) UNC and rare.
Estimate: SGD1,400 – SGD2,000

Lot 44: MALAYSIA Copper Nickel 1 Cent 1991
silver 1 sen

MALAYSIA Cu-Ni: 1-Cent 1991, regular one-cent issue is of "Copper Clad Steel" (similar to KN 9) UNC and rare.
Estimate: SGD1,900 – SGD3,000

Lot 45: MALAYSIA Cu-Ni: 5-Cents 1988 unlisted date
5 Cents 1988
MALAYSIA Cu-Ni: 5-Cents 1988 unlisted date. Coins were issued from 1989-2007 (similar to KN 10) UNC and very rare.
Estimate: SGD3,000 – SGD5,000.

Lot 98: CHINA ANCIENT Ching Dynasty/Qianlong Period 10 Taels
10 Taels
CHINA ANCIENT Ching Dynasty/Qianlong Period 10 Taels Gold Bar 1750, weight: 365g. Stamped with Chinese character "Treasure" Rare.
Estimate: SGD46,000 – SGD60,000

Lot 983: 1902 issue KEELING COCOS ISLANDS Complete set
KEELING COCOS ISLANDS Complete set of 1/20, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, & 5-Rupees 1902 issue (KNB17b-22b) Scarce. Original UNC (6pcs).
Estimate: SGD900 – SGD1,500

Lot 1107: SARAWAK Emergency Issues: 10-Cents 1919
SARAWAK Emergency Issues
SARAWAK Emergency Issues: 10-Cents 1919 No. 19410 (KNB13) PMG 53 NET, Paper Damage. Rare.
Estimate: SGD3,800 – SGD5,000

Live auction available online at liveauctioneers.com but Live-Auctioneers bidders are required to get approval before bidding this lot and additional 20% deposit is also required before approval is given. A Buyer's premium of 15% will be added to hammer price for each lot to all succesful bids. Lots sold though "liveauctioneers.com" are subjected to an additional 3% Buyer's Premium (18% in total). All Shipping, handling and insurance charges will be paid by Buyer.