Sunday, April 19, 2015

50 Ringgit low serial number sold SG$12980

A Malaysia 50 Ringgit 4th series banknote with a very low serial number prefix B/67 000001 PMG graded 65 EPQ sold for SG$12,980 (including buyer premium) in the Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) Auction 5/2015 held on April 18 at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore. The banknote sold price is higher then the price estimate of SG$5,000.

Many Malaysia banknotes and coins sold at a very high price in CAA Auction 5/2015, including a complete set of 1976 WWF Conservation commemorative proof, all NGC PF 69 ultra cameo sold for a record price SG13,800 (including buyer premium). The set includes a Malaysia 1976 WWF Conservation 500 Ringgit Cipan Commemorative Proof Gold coin; Malaysia 1976 WWF Conservation 25 Ringgit Rhinoceros Hornbill Commemorative Proof silver coin and Malaysia 1976 WWF Conservation 15 Ringgit Seladang Commemorative Proof Silver coin.

1976 proof set

Other highlights of the auction include:

  • Lot 40: Late Qing – Early Republic, Gold Ingot, Made by local Chinese Private Bank - San Yang in Tian Jin City, Weight 1 Tale of 31.2 grams, AU-UNC. Sold SG$4,248.
  • Lot 41: Late Qing – Early Republic, Gold Ingot, Made by local Chinese Private Bank – Heng Fu in Tian Jin City, Weight half Tale of 15.6 grams, Rare, AU-UNC. Sold SG$4,140.
  • Lot 170: China, People’s Republic, 1983, Silver 10 Yuan, Lunar series, Pig. NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo. Sold SG$2,760.
  • Lot 189: Johor Mas, 1615-1623, Gold, (round, SS11, rare), 2.56gm, 20mm, EF/RRRR, obv: Sultan Abdullah Shah, rev: Khalifatul Muminin (Ruler of Faithful) . Sold SG$10,925.
  • Lot 193: Johore Kupang, 1722-1760, SS19. Obverse: In Arabic “Sultan Sulaiman Shah”. Reverse: In Arabic “Khalifatul Muminin” (Ruler of the faithful). Edge: Plain; Weight: 0.64 gm. Composition: Gold. Sold SG$4,600.
  • Lot 291: Malaya & British Borneo, 1954, C-N 50c, w/o security edge (Freak) Die Varieties, Tan MB C7, KN7a. NGC MS 62. Sold SG$4,720.
  • Lot 292: Malaya & British Borneo, 1955H, C-N 50c, w/o security edge (Freak) Die Varieties, only Tan 5 Catalogue listed in 21st edition, others not list. NGC AU-Details Rim Damage (population 1/1). Sold SG$4,956.
  • Lot 478: Singapore, 1992, Platinum Proof $200, 25th Anni of BCCS, weight 31.103gm, mintage 300 only. PCGS PR 69 DC AM. With box and cert.126. Sold SG$4,956.
  • Lot 662: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, ND (1946), $1000, Blk MU, “Post War Calendar”, P#SB2184, “VJ” overprinted on back with flat “R” of War, Pick unlisted, TanJ16, KNB15. PMG Choice UNC 64 EPQ. High grade, rare. Wong Hon Sum Collection. Sold SG$3,540.
  • Lot 663: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, 1946, Post War Calendar overprinted on $100, ND (1944) MT note, P#M8a, catalogs unlisted, TanJ14, VJ overprint on back w/o “Grim Memories of 1941-1945”, Sharp “R” of War. AU/UNC. Wong Hon Sum Collection. Sold SG$2,530.
  • Lot 714: Straits Settlements, 1906, $1 note, A/8 06133, Tan S1, KNB 1-2. PMG VF 25. Sold SG$3,450.

The Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) Auction 6/2015 will be held on 3rd October 2015 at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore.